Lorraine Town Site


The Lorraine District had been the site of an old Hudson’s Bay ford. The water was not only shallow enough here to cross but also had a small island in the middle of the river to assist in crossing as well. In 1905, a few homesteaders arrived in the Lorraine District; however, most of the population came after 1914 when a railway bridge was built across the Battle River. Perhaps the rumor that the railway would come through the town and down through to Youngstown brought people to the area to build a small town.

In 1915, many more stores and shops would open on the North side of the river and a town would start to appear. These shops included: Willis Walters’ store, Frank Dillion’s store, H.O. Otkins’ lumberyard, Frank Kisch’s livery barn. Willie Lee’s restaurant, L. Crammer and Guy Buswell’s real estate business and weigh scale, Tom Enery and Ed Scott’s blacksmith shop, and Don Zimmerman’s pool and dance hall.


When the __ reached Alliance in January of 1916, it was not built any further East. At that point, many of the business owners in Lorraine moved their businesses, including their buildings, to Alliance. Many of them were moved in 1916 but others were not far behind and soon nothing remained at the Lorraine town site. Bridge 5

In 1919, the Lorraine School District was formed and Bob Greenly build the school. It stayed there until 1923 when it was moved two miles West. In 1948, the building was moved into Alliance for use as a library. It is still part of the Alliance Recreation Center today.

Lorraine Town Site

Lorraine Town Site2

Roth, Randy and Barb. Personal communication. 17 Aug. 2017.

Present Day Pictures Around the Site


This frame shows a man-made holding pond for water. This may have been made to collect water for the town but is now used by cattle.


This frame shows the railway right of way and the pillars which used to support the bridge across the river. The old town site would have sat to the right of the pillars in this frame.


This frame shows the cement pillars closer up.


52.331873, -111.586708                                       NW 06-39-11 W4

52.326020, -111.605580                                       NW 01-39-12 W4

Additional History on the Property

Lorraine District

Lorraine 1Lorraine 2Lorraine 3

“Lorraine District”. In the Bend of the Battle; THE NEXT GENERATION: A History of                   Alliance and District. 1st ed. Edmonton: Douglas Printing, 2005. Print.

Lorraine District

Lorraine 4Lorraine 5

“Lorraine  District”. In the Bend of the Battle: A History of Alliance and District. 1st                          ed. Edmonton: Douglas Printing, 1976. Print.

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