Updated Eshpeter Barn Pictures

2017 Pictures of 2016 Eshpeter Barn Renovation

In November 2016, the Eshpeter Barn underwent extensive renovations. These improvements will greatly extend the life of the barn and increase its modern-day functionality. The rejuvenation will allow the barn to continue to serve the entire family, as a tether to the past. It will act as a daily reminder of the family’s history and as a source of comfort for the younger generations. No one in the family will be untouched by the gentle giant – the heritage barn.


This frame is of the northern side of the barn and part of the eastern face of the barn. The Eshpeter family put new metal roofing and siding on the barn.


This frame is a close up of the hay hood and loft doors on the eastern side of the barn. The original “1926” year that was painted on the face has been updated to metal and the year “2016” was added. 2016 is the year the renovation were done.


This frame is a close up of the metal ventilator on the roof of the barn. Much of the ventilator was replaced with new metal but the embossed portions were preserved from the original ventilator.


This frame shows the northern side of the barn. Notice that the old pulley for the hay carrier has been removed. 


This frame shows the western face and northern side of the barn. A new door was installed in the north-western corner of the barn.


This frame shows the new staircase in the north-eastern corner of the barn. Additionally, new ply-wood can be seen on the North side of the barn. This was installed because much of the original wood had rotten away on this side. The South side of the barn did not need to have this done. The South side of the barn is still in its original condition except for the removal of the stalls.


This frame was taken while standing at the top of the staircase in the loft whilst looking South.


This frame shows the western face of the barn.


Nathan Eshpeter and family installed the climbing wall, pictured here, for their children to play on.


This frame shows the north-eastern quarter of the barn’s roof. Note the electric lights which illuminate the loft and steel cable which braces the roof.


Barn Condition: Good

Construction Date: Assumed built in 1926

Features: One metal ventilator, hay hood, weather vane on top of the ventilator

Roof Shape: Arched

Paint: Red with white trim

Decorations: The date of construction and date of renovation are fastened to the eastern face of the barn.

Roof Covering: Black metal

Siding: Red metal

Foundation: Concrete foundation with dirt floor.

2016 Renovations

Hay track and hay carrier were removed, metal siding/roofing installed, new staircase to loft, repairs to North side, rock-climbing wall installed in loft, plywood put down as loft floor, new lighting and support cables installed.

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