Schares Family History

Bernard (Barney) Schares built many homes, barns, and buildings within the Flagstaff Region. As such, you may be curious about who he was.

Barney Schares was one of the five Schares brothers to come to the Heisler area. He and his two brothers, Michael and Jacob, were well-known carpenters in the area. It is known that Barney did the blueprinting, figuring of the lumber, and was foreman for the building of the St. Peter’s Church. Additionally, Barney was the builder on numerous other churches, houses, barns, and outbuildings in the Heisler area. Furthermore, Barney worked on the Longfellow and the McLeod Block in Edmonton before 1914. More information on, “the only terracotta-clad building in the city [of Edmonton]” can be found here and here.

Barney Schares married Catherine Beaton, originally of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, in 1913. The history of the Schares family is presented in the Heisler history book below:

Dosen, Mary (Schares). “Schares Family.” Wagon Trails in the Sod: A History of Heisler                     and Area. 1st ed. Heisler: Heisler Historical Society, 1982. Print.

To learn more about the Sadlo family with whom Catherine Schares (nee Beaton) boarded with click here.


Additional Information

Barney Schares was married to Catherine Beaton, whose family history is listen below. Catherine’s father was Finlay Beaton of Black River, Nova Scotia. She is the descendant of Alexander Beaton, born 1700 abt in Isle of Skye, Inverness, Scotland. He left the Isle of Skye for Lochaber, Scotland and continued the Beaton clan as it is known today.

MacDonald, A.D. Mabou Pioneers: A Geonological Tracing of Some Pioneer Families Who                Settled in Mabou and District. 3rd ed. Halifax: Formac Publishing Company                         Limited. 2014. Print.

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